Data processing

To run the computations, one needs:
– to align the surfaces with a reference surface
– to generate a template used as initial mean shape
– to edit xml files (data_set.xml, model.xml et optimization_parameters.xml)

The alignement has been processed with Avizo and the tool Align surfaces (rigid alignement with scale) by choosing a random reference. The script align_surfaces_from_refererence_with_uniform_scale.hx disponible ici has been used.

The template has been generated by computing the geometrical mean of several surfaces, which is possible here because all surfaces own the same number of points in the same order (it is not the case gnerally).

Then the parameter files has been generated by the code of Tools for Deformetrica:
We get data_set.xml, model.xml et optimization_parameters.xml and used to launch the computations.

Files are available here.

The computations can be done by running under linux (a good graphic card supporting CUDA is needed):